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Malexin has been playing CCGs for a long time. At GenCon Indy 2004 he slew the Warlord Madusan Lord Raath. Since then he has been involved in promoting standards of play within the Warlord community, working as a commentator, tournament organiser and occasional ambassador.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oklahoma State Championships: Surprise Confirmed

Majeral will be attendance and taking challenges.

Challenges will be Epic Legal.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Upcoming Tournament in Oklahoma

So I'm going to go ahead and stump the Oklahoma State Championship on October 21st, 2006. Distraction Games of Stillwater, OK is hosting this fine event and if Distracticon was a prelude this should be a good event.

Information can be found here:


I'm also trying to get a special something something lined up for the players to make it memorable. If it happens, it will be a first for Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

Tune in here for more.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

GenCon Report

Wednesday was rather uneventful considering the 12 hour drive. We met up a Buffalo Wild Wings and discovered the Beer sampler. Lindeman's Framboise ON TAP. WOWZERS!!! Buffalo Wild Wings is now the official hang out of the Order of the Doomed Liver in Indy.

Thursday, I have the world conquest events of CE Highlander, EE Singles and Open Doubles.

I end up paired vs. Matthias Waeggemans in CE Highlander and my Albrecht with five strikes defeats his Nitesh. In EE Singles I am paired vs. Marco Wellman we're both playing Jin Valford front line blitz. In both games he wins initiative on turn 1, breaks my ranks and wins the game. Initiative is really huge in that mirror match. In Open doubles I'm paired with Tommy Pistole (Melon on the temple) vs. Marco and Matthias. We're playing Uriel + Lord Winter they're playing Uriel + Sjonegaard. In both games we end up winning. Thursday is also open singles, I decide for fun to play my Adaramous Te infinite deck (using the Fist of Albrecht) to play, after 4 rounds (there should have been six rounds based on attendance) I'm at 2-1-1 and do not cut.

I end up score 4 points for Team North America.

Friday, I have the world conquest events of Open Singles, EE Draft and CE Doubles

In Open Singles I'm playing Uriel ICBM MAD BOMBER. This deck fears only one archetype in open and that's Spell Based Ranged Strike blitz. A bunch of warlords can do it, but only three do it well Saunginel, Taoth and Tavis Jape. My Draw is Marcel Harz with Tavis Jape spell blitz. Uriel meets his early demise quickly in both games. In EE Draft I manage to draft a really hot Slayer the unkind deck however in the end Marcel (my opponent yet again) manages to save against my big spells and turn Slayer into a pincoushin. The third event was CE Doubles, again I'm paired with Tommy and this time we draw Matthias and Roberto playing Durin + Kestrel. In both game's we're able to eliminate one on the first turn with Captain Dukat + Ahdre. From there the two on one advantage allows up to seize the advantage and win.

Friday is also doubles, and I'm paired with Chris Aven. We're playing Raziel + Bronwen (better known as Scissors in the doubles environment) and after going five and zero in swiss and being top of swiss in double we succomb to the swiss curse loosing to the eighth seed which happens to be our only bad matchup, the very decks we played at Origins.

Friday is also Midnight Madness. MMVII drew 79 Players. the most ever. We raised right at $500 (actually $480 but I threw in an extra $20 to make it an even $500). A good time was had by all and instead of playing untimed finals Marcel Harz (Azrhaan the Foul) and Jay Rosenberg (Nitesh) split the prize pool of first and second place and declared themselves Co-Champions.

So at the End of the day I score only 3 points for Team USA giving me a possible 7 out of 15 points total, I'm slacking and I know it. I need to step up my game for tomorrow.

Saturday held two events for World Conquest EE Sealed Deck and CE Singles.

The First is EE Sealed Deck. I draw Florian Huepper and he's playing Etra Bloodvine who is amazing in sealed when he access to other druids from Elves and Mercenaries but as of the starter deck he can't actually control the board as well. I'm playing Trevor Magson and Trevor cuts through him like butter in both games. The second match up is CE Singles and I'm playing my Captain Dukat and I'm paired against Marcel Harz (again) he's playing a tavis Jape spell blitz deck. I win two out of three in a truly epic match. Blue Wyrm's Helm saves my ass and Llyr Militia is key vs. Tavis. Worlds is also this day, I go 4-2-1 in swiss and end up seeded 17th.
I also score 8 out of a possible 8 points for Saturday. I end up with 15 out of a possible 23 points I could have earned and a 5-3 record vs. the Euros. I later find out that Marcel had taken Distrust out of his Tavis deck for the conquest event and that his deck for Worlds is running it, not having distrust probably cost him this matchup, however its still an amazingly hard matchup for tavis because Llyr Militia can recapture a lot of tavis's early advantage.

Saturday is also L5R seminar followed by the L5R Bar Crawl. Myself and Roberto excuse ourselves from the Warlord CCG area and head to the seminar. The seminar is AMAZING and I hope that we can do something like it for Warlord in the future. I meet up with many of the luminaries from L5R and we get down to drinking and bar hopping. Roberto discovers the Lindeman's Framboise and loves it. We end up calling it quits at 1:15 or so and crashing out before World Finals the next day.

Sunday. TOP 32. I beat Drew Gunn playing Tavis and beat him soundly 2-0. Drew is playing a good deck and is a very good player, but my Dukat deck is built to handle Tavis. TOP 16. I'm playing Marcel Harz (AGAIN) with his tavis deck. He's got Distrust back in the deck or rather in the seperate deck he was using for worlds as opposed to conquest finals. Distrust he draws early in both games wiping my Peyton Latham from the board allowing him to win. Peyton is huge in the Tavis matchup.

Oh well prize support was great for top 16 and even better for winning World Conquest.


Roberto, Marcel and Sebastian. You guys really were an excellent face for the European players. Marco, Matthias and Florian were really nice guys but quiet. However the three of you fit right in with us boisterous Americans. Its too bad I never got the chance to go drinking with you Bulga. Mike Leader, you did well all things considered my biggest complaint about the weekend was the shortening of the Open event on Thursday. The US Conquest Team for Winning of course. The Jersey Crew. Zechnophobe for braving your soul to eat dinner with us a St. Elmo's, I know you're forever scarred and a changed man, I just hope you don't succumb to the nightmares. St. Elmo's. Steakhouse, simply amazing.


Midnight Madness for running until 6 am.
Open being cut two rounds short, but oh well.

Without further ado, Captain Dukat I played this exact deck in WCF CE Doubles, WCTF CE Singles and Worlds placing like 12th.

Starters: 6
1 x Captain Dukat
2 x Glenn the Blaze
3 x Llyr Militia

Characters: 19
3 x Brother Dominy
3 x Percy Dorn
3 x Spencer Latham
3 x Xanthis
3 x Peyton Latham
2 x Calenar
2 x Amoudasi's Wrath

Actions: 15
3 x Blast
3 x Fiery Bolts
3 x Final Power
3 x Tzin's Attention
3 x Sabotage

Items: 10
3 x Collapsing Bow
3 x Far Glass
2 x Blue Wyrm's Helm
2 x Hawthorne's Arrows

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting Ready for GenCon

Since making the conquest team I've been busy deck building for the numerous events I'll be competing in during the conquest finals. These events are Open Singles, Open Doubles, Campaign Singles, Campaign Doubles, Campaign Highlander Singles, Epic Singles, Epic Sealed and Epic Draft. That's a lot of deck building to prepare for and had eaten up much of my time.

Anyway that pretty much explains my absence this past month. Hopefully once the con season is over I'll have time to update this blog more regularly. I hope to see all of you at GenCon.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Origins Report

First off, I have to thank the participants of Midnight Madness VI. With your participation we raised $310.00 for charity. I'd also like to thank Raymond Greaves, Rich Bowers-Dean and another player (who's name I wrote down, but cannot read because my hand writing sucks) who all donated additional prize support. I'd like to thank Tracy Bovee for helping me run a great event.

Origins went smoothly. I cut in the main event which is all I needed to do to make the North American World Conquest team. Goal Accomplished.

On another note, I'd been working on beating Cear Adinerach ever since it was announced that he'd be in attendance at Origins. Chris Aven came up with the idea of using The Lady of Mercy to have access to stun tech and then using Killing Strike for the kill shot. We were basically going to take a fairly standard Lady Deck vs. Cear because it had a very good shot, however in the end I sat down with Aiden Boyle and we raided his card collection for 3 x Sanctuary, 3 x Dusan Drake and 3 x Regret's Shadow to make the deck more solid in the challenge. Well I got to sign up, and Todd tells me that this is Cear's official reveal, which means that as a member of the Player Design Team I have to wait until Cear's third convention appearance to challenge. I'm cool with that so I hand my dice, my deck and my DL to Chris Aven. This brings him good Kharma, he fells Cear on Cear's first challenge of the con. Good for him. He later paid me for the dice, as there was no way he was going to part with it, and returned the newly signed DL to me.

Just minutes later Aiden defeat's Latnok with Albrecht.

So all in all it was a great con.

Here's my Durin Deck

Starters: 6
1 x Durin Kortouched
2 x Demented
3 x Defiance

Characters: 19
3 x Supply
2 x Door to the World
3 x Vex Duntan
3 x Alloy Gargoyle
1 x Kiyarr Undying
1 x Envy
1 x Mirin Faithbearer
1 x Slate Gargoyle
1 x Malachite Gargoyle
1 x Wreck
1 x Pride
1 x Avinoam Blightlifter

Actions: 9
3 x Fulfill Destiny
3 x Prolong the Fight
3 x Scourge of Dythanus

Items: 16
3 x Alholland's Bramble
3 x Royal Chariot
1 x Spirit's Bond
3 x Figurine of Protection
2 x Isadran Mail
2 x Kor's Banner
2 x Nodwick

Okay, I went 4-1 over the first five rounds. Mathematically all I needed to do to make the cut and make the conquest team was draw my last two rounds. I drew my last two rounds and secured a spot on the conquest team with that.

Some changes I'd make to the deck.
Out: 1 x Kor's Banner, 1 x Fulfil Destiny, 1 x Isadran Mail
In: 1 x Poultice Sac and 2 x Volda's Mantle

Good Gaming,