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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Plans of Crazy Men: Part II

This entry can be better titled: Delta Hates Warlord Players.

We had scheduled our flights to allow us time to play in the Open Highlander event on Friday Night at KublaCon, however fate and Delta intervened. Our connecting flight to San Francisco is a daily route from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City and back. The plane broke on the way from SLC, making it over 3 hours late arriving to OKC. Its okay though, becuase we could possibly still make it to SLC in time to catch our original flight to San Fran. However, wind shear at SLC prevented that and cost us half an hour as we got a second ariel tour of the great salt lake. Our flight from SLC to San Fran was scheduled for 5:50. Our arrival time 6:03. Great. Thankfully, the Delta attendant at OKC was prepared for that eventuallity, and sent us with passes for a 9:00 flight to SLC. So we finally make it to San Fran at 10:30 ish. We've missed open highlander. Delta sucks.

The next day is the conquest event for Kubla. I end up 3-3 losing some close matches vs. Kaitlyn MLG Bomb and Kaitlyn Dragon rancher. However, Burke's Durin Kortouched Bramble deck thoroughly stomps me. As he manages to bramble me on the first turn both games. In one game he got the storm first turn as well, and killed all my level ones or level twos (I don't remember which, I just know it was the majority of the characters I had on the board). Aven goes on to win the event with the exact same deck and different pairings. Because the deck was fairly weak vs. decks with efficient card draw the decision was made to pull Premonition for Twist of Fate. We manage to do this thanks to Rich Carter's truck bed full of warlord cards. We thank Rich and go hop a red eye to Orlando.

The flight starts well, we leave San Fran a little early, but then it starts, babies crying. Its okay we have a four hour flight they'll shut up and go to sleep like the rest of us right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. I think I manage maybe 2 hours of sleep as I'm drifting in an out of sleep between different babies crying. Thankfully, the babies aren't on the same connecting flight to Orlando as us so I can sleep another 45 minutes or so on the floor of Hartsfield Jackson as we're awaiting our flight to Orlando. After rising from my nap, I contemplate leaving a note with the airport management that thicker carpet would make sleeping on the floor more comfortable. I decide that I have better things to do with my time, like eat breakfast.

The flight to Orlando goes well and Josh (Edannan from the temple) is there to pick us up. Major props to him for showing up to pick up two guys you don't know from the airport. Also janky cardboard signs rock. Thanks again Josh. Unfortunately for Josh I have to play him in round 1. I beat him 2-1 and then proceed to finish top of swiss with a final record of 4W-0L-1T. I offered the draw to Josh Prince for two reasons, first both of us cut win, lose or draw due to awesome strength of schedule and overall good records, with draws he ends up seeded 4th and me 1st, secondly I was hoping that I'd avoid the swiss curse. However, fate is a fickle bitch will not be denied and I draw Fury of Hate in the top 8 and the swiss curse strikes he beats me 2-0 as my dice decide to become timid imps and double digit numbers refuse to show up. And even though I put some early pressure on Fury with my starting army both games, my second turns really, really sucked in both games and allowed him to pull even with me. A few more attack rolls go well for me on the second turn of those games and I'm pretty sure the match would have been mine. Fury had a really solid Simon deck and I didn't mind losing to him. Oh, well 5th is great points and I'm happy. Chris sneaks into the top 8 at 7th, beats the two seed and then loses in the top 4 to eventual winner Jay Rosenberg. He finished 3rd overall.

After the Conquest at Kotei is concluded its time to go to the ale house for beer and other fun stuff like wings, although we ordered 100 drum sticks instead. Thankfully we had a great waitress, our ticket was only $236.07 for the whole group (as we're pretty sure she shaved a few drinks off of the bill. For those that don't know, Yuengling is a great beer, it comes with the recommendation of the Order of the Doomed Liver.

The flight back to OKC from Orlando was a direct flight an uneventful. If the events are on the same day next year, I'd suggest that everyone who can make it try it, as its a lot of fun.

Good Gaming,



At Wednesday, May 31, 2006 8:44:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your match with Caitlyn Dragon Rancher was close?.......

At Thursday, June 01, 2006 7:14:00 pm, Blogger Jeremiah Uselton said...

Yeah it was a close match right up until he dropped a DC 19 Hand of Power and I didn't have a premonition in hand. That was the turning point in the game, as I had an very good board position and was chewing through his dragons. Had I a premonition in hand at the time it likely that I'd have been able to push my board position advantage.

I have to give credit to Jason though becuase his Caitlyn deck was very good.

At Tuesday, June 06, 2006 11:58:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who did the bramble go on? Durin is a cleric, so obv not him...just curious.

At Wednesday, June 07, 2006 2:03:00 am, Blogger Jeremiah Uselton said...

Any level 5 dwarf via one of Durin's traits.


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