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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tournament Advice Part II: What to Bring

This entry is targetet specifically at the members of the community who will be attending their first convention or major tournament, and are looking for some advice as to what they should bring.

First up, bring a backpack or something along those lines to carry your stuff. This is especially important at conventions where you might want to do a little shopping and need a place to stow your newly acquired stuff, because its not always convenient to run back to the place you're staying.

When you start out the day you'll want to pack the following things in your bag: your tournament deck, your dice, your counters, a couple bottles of water, some snack food, a notebook and something to write with. A lot of times you'll also want to pack some fun decks, challenge decks and some trade stock so you can fully take advantage of what the convention has to offer. You'll notice that I touched on the importance of staying hydrated and keeping your energy level up in my last entry, and its a very important thing to do.

A quick note about the notebook and pens. You'll want to check the floor rules and be familiar with what exactly you can and cannot write down about a match. The floor rules can be found by following this link: http://www.warlordccg.com/rules/aeg_floor_rules.pdf . However, the most important part of the notebook and pen is that it allows you to stay in touch with the people you meet by exchanging information. Its also useful if you make the cut at a convention, where the tournament organizers take up the deck lists and then check the decks that make the cut against the original deck list.

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At Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:02:00 pm, Blogger tMmM! said...

An important item which should be mentioned at this point is that consolidating your items and materials in a backpack is also helpful for keeping track of them ... and keeping them safe. Sadly, this is important because - especially at big events - thievery is an all-too-real possibility. So, keep your stuff together, and be absolutely certain you keep an eye on it ... or have someone you trust implicitly do so (and that they are aware they're doing so).

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 5:17:00 pm, Blogger Jeremiah Uselton said...

Thanks tMmM. I had planned on addressing theft in its own entry. I myself have been the victim of theft (thankfully it was only one deck, my Inquisitor Chyre deck). Its important to realize that theft can be prevented and the steps you can take to prevent it.


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