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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Origins Report

First off, I have to thank the participants of Midnight Madness VI. With your participation we raised $310.00 for charity. I'd also like to thank Raymond Greaves, Rich Bowers-Dean and another player (who's name I wrote down, but cannot read because my hand writing sucks) who all donated additional prize support. I'd like to thank Tracy Bovee for helping me run a great event.

Origins went smoothly. I cut in the main event which is all I needed to do to make the North American World Conquest team. Goal Accomplished.

On another note, I'd been working on beating Cear Adinerach ever since it was announced that he'd be in attendance at Origins. Chris Aven came up with the idea of using The Lady of Mercy to have access to stun tech and then using Killing Strike for the kill shot. We were basically going to take a fairly standard Lady Deck vs. Cear because it had a very good shot, however in the end I sat down with Aiden Boyle and we raided his card collection for 3 x Sanctuary, 3 x Dusan Drake and 3 x Regret's Shadow to make the deck more solid in the challenge. Well I got to sign up, and Todd tells me that this is Cear's official reveal, which means that as a member of the Player Design Team I have to wait until Cear's third convention appearance to challenge. I'm cool with that so I hand my dice, my deck and my DL to Chris Aven. This brings him good Kharma, he fells Cear on Cear's first challenge of the con. Good for him. He later paid me for the dice, as there was no way he was going to part with it, and returned the newly signed DL to me.

Just minutes later Aiden defeat's Latnok with Albrecht.

So all in all it was a great con.

Here's my Durin Deck

Starters: 6
1 x Durin Kortouched
2 x Demented
3 x Defiance

Characters: 19
3 x Supply
2 x Door to the World
3 x Vex Duntan
3 x Alloy Gargoyle
1 x Kiyarr Undying
1 x Envy
1 x Mirin Faithbearer
1 x Slate Gargoyle
1 x Malachite Gargoyle
1 x Wreck
1 x Pride
1 x Avinoam Blightlifter

Actions: 9
3 x Fulfill Destiny
3 x Prolong the Fight
3 x Scourge of Dythanus

Items: 16
3 x Alholland's Bramble
3 x Royal Chariot
1 x Spirit's Bond
3 x Figurine of Protection
2 x Isadran Mail
2 x Kor's Banner
2 x Nodwick

Okay, I went 4-1 over the first five rounds. Mathematically all I needed to do to make the cut and make the conquest team was draw my last two rounds. I drew my last two rounds and secured a spot on the conquest team with that.

Some changes I'd make to the deck.
Out: 1 x Kor's Banner, 1 x Fulfil Destiny, 1 x Isadran Mail
In: 1 x Poultice Sac and 2 x Volda's Mantle

Good Gaming,



At Wednesday, July 12, 2006 8:42:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i find this deck average.
it lacks offense, and if Bramble is dealt by opponent, there is no chance for this deck to win, maybe a draw in the best case.


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